Thursday, May 6, 2010

Direct TV in 3D

For sports fans and people who just look really good in those 3D glasses, there's never been a better time to subscribe to Direct TV. Direct TV announced recently that, along with its on-demand and pay-per-view channels, it will now offer ESPN 3D, a channel where customers who already subscribe to ESPN can watch their favorite sports for no additional cost.

The first big 3D event being aired for Direct TV subscribers is the 2010 FIFA World Cup matches, where soccer fans can tune in to watch South Africa go head to head with Mexico under the illusion that the match is being played in their own living room. This thrill will be replicated later in the season with other Direct TV ESPN 3D offerings, like the ACC college football championship and the X Games, and, in 2011, college basketball and NBA games.

Before you tune in, however, there are few steps you will need to take. If you already subscribe to Direct TV, you will receive a free software upgrade. If you don't install it, you will not be able to access the 3D channels. In addition, you'll need a television compatible with the new 3D technology. Direct TV is, unfortunately, not providing these for free, and a new set will set you back about $3000.

Slightly cheaper, the final accessory you will need in order to watch Direct TV in 3D is a pair of those flattering 3D glasses. These sometimes come with the new 3D compatible TV sets, but you may have to purchase them separately. But make sure you buy a pair for everyone who will be watching with you--it's no fun to be the only one trying to steal the ball from Kobe Bryant.

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