Thursday, May 6, 2010

Will Internet Sports Betting Stay Legal?

The Legality of Internet Sports Betting is in Question

Who owns the Internet? This question is at the heart of the legal arguments in the United States over Internet sports betting and gambling. The Internet has developed at a faster rate than legislation to regulate it, and the regulation that has developed hasn't been able to cope with the fluid and dispersed nature of the Internet itself. Sports gambling over the Internet is a multi-billion dollar industry, even as its legality is being argued in the halls of the United States Congress. But while lawyers and politicians debate the legality of betting, one thing that is clearly legal are the sports information services that can be found online. Bettors and gamblers are using these services as their private sports books.

Online Sports Information Services - Safe and Legal

According to legal experts, the Internet's sports information services, or SIEs, are entirely legal, fully protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution, which guarantees free speech. These services come in the form of websites, like, and provide gamblers and bettors with nearly unlimited access to info about upcoming sports events, and all the data needed to bet on these events. The Sportsbook function at is a premier SIE, addressing the betting odds of almost every professional sporting event in the world. This website also delivers convenient and direct access to fully legal and safe Internet sports gambling.

Two Sure Bets - Death and Taxes

At the heart of the issue over Internet sports betting in the United States is not its legality, but how to tax the tens of billions spent on it every year. Ironically, even the outcome of political events and votes are given odds through Sportsbook at If gambling online goes up for a vote, the website will likely give odds to those who bet on its future.

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