Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What You'll Pay for Home Security

You've seen the news reports, you know about escalating crime rates, and you know that home security is more important than ever. You know that you can't put a price on home security and making sure that your family is safe and sound. With all of that being said, no one has money trees growing in the back yard, so it's a good idea to know what this investment is going to cost you.

There are two types of fees that you're going to pay as part of your home security system. The first is the equipment and installation fee, and the second is your recurring fee. The equipment and installation will cover various entries to your home, the technician's inspection and installation, and little extras like stickers and yard signs. The recurring payment includes the monitoring and customer support that you'll receive as a part of your home security system.

Installation costs vary greatly, and are especially dependent on where your home is located. It also depends on what specials are being offered by the company that you want to hire. Companies like ADT and Brinks frequently run specials on their installation, dropping the price from the retail cost of several hundred dollars (between $155 and $675 on average) to under a hundred dollars. Sometimes these installation and equipment fees are waived entirely when you sign a contract (usually for one or two years).

The monthly fees that you pay will depend on the kind of service that you're looking to get. The basic packages, burglary monitoring that uses your landline phone, tend to be around $30 to $40 (US) per month. If you're looking to expand your home security service so that the monitoring uses reliable cell phone connections, or if you're looking to cover more than just burglary, the price will usually wind up being between $45 and $60 (US) per month.

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