Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What is a Scrub?

The crisp white nurse uniform and caps are the norms of ice age and as time change, so does the clothing worn by medical professionals. Nowadays, seldom you see and find hospitals, nursing facilities and even doctors’ offices wear those traditional fitted dress.

Scrub clothing or more known as medical scrubs have become the uniform at work and in almost all medical facilities. It is the clothing of choice that offer convenience and is more comfortable to wear by the staff. The appeal of wearing colored and printed scrubs that are more contoured to the body presents a more fashionable look without jeopardizing the ability to work around in performing their duties. One factor that prompts several facilities to switch to colored uniforms is the high possibility and chance of spoiling with patient’s blood and bodily substance.

And today’s nursing scrubs came in many designs, patterns, colors and prints. Fashion has significantly infiltrated the uniform of many healthcare industries. The new trends of medical scrubs that are decorated with cartoon characters help ease and make pediatric patient feel comfortable. Yet, it still does not totally remove and replace the traditional and classic white nursing uniform which signifies purity and cleanliness to a sterile environment.

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