Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How to prepare for the GMAT

Those of you aspiring to be a management professional must know what the Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) is and how difficult it is to crack. The GMAT is crucial to gain entry into an accredited and reputable business management school. As it is a test for assessing the capabilities of the applicant on various parameters, it is really unwise to attempt it without properly undergoing GMAT prep.

Step by Step Procedure for GMAT Preparation

• Find the Schools and Requirements

You first will have to prepare a list of management schools where you wish to study. Though most of the management schools use GMAT scores, some of them do not accept them. It is important to find out whether they use GMAT and if so, what the average GMAT scoring expected by those schools actually is.

• Understand the GMAT Format

This test aims to assess the quantitative and verbal skills through objective-type questions. It also includes two 30-minutes essays based on analytical writing.

• Prep Courses

There are many GMAT preparation courses available in classroom settings or online. Enroll in such courses so that you have an idea of the examination and can prepare accordingly. The mock tests conducted by these courses will help you work toward completing the test within the stipulated time. The GMAT Council provides the GMAT aspirants with preparation materials that can either be bought or accessed freely with limitations. The material provided is authenticated that can show you the actual path for GMAT preparation.

• Practice And Practice More

Irrespective of your verbal and quantitative skills, it is wise to practice as many sample GMAT question papers as possible. Find your weak and strong points and work on them.

Following all the above instructions will enable you to crack the test successfully, and gain entry into the management school or college of your dreams.

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