Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why is Leonardo da Vinci so famous?

Leonardo da Vinci is the perfect example of the all-round educated man of the Renaissance. Born in Florence in 1452, he soon became famous for his remarkable paintings. His painting the "Mona Lisa", is possibly the best known painting in the world.

His enormous talents encompassed a wide variety of subjects ranging from sculpture to military engineering. He devoted much time to the concept of flying machines and carried out experiments without success in this field.

From his work as an artist, he developed a knowledge both of anatomy and of the science of light. His anatomical drawings are of a rare beauty and of great precision.

Leonardo was also knowledgeable on such varied subjects as astronomy, geology, botany and geography. In architecture his studies produced both beautiful designs and practical scientific information.

The great man's interests were so diverse that he even gave specific and most serious instructions on how to make and launch stink bombs.

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