Sunday, April 18, 2010

What Supplies Does Your Restaurant Need?

Owning a flourishing restaurant is the dream of many entrepreneurs. When you take the leap forward in making that dream a reality, one important question is discovering what you will need in terms of appliances, furniture and other essentials. Here some helpful ideas from KaTom, your restaurant supply headquarters.

Pizzeria: The most important item in any pizza restaurant supply is the oven. At KaTom, you have a selection of ovens to choose from. There are multiple varieties of conveyor ovens that most fast food chains use, which are designed to quickly cook pizzas, and heated pizza holding cabinets available to order on our website. If you are operating a more upscale restaurant, a deck oven and baking stones are probably the way to go. With either option, you will need deli and pizza prep tables and a wide range of pans, mixers, screens and cutters -- all available at KaTom -- to help you make top-notch pizza.

Buffet: If going the all-you-can-eat route is your path to success, KaTom has exactly what you need to fill your restaurant supply needs. Some essentials you will need for to help your buffet include chafing dishes, countertop warmers, stands and risers, plus a mix of hot and cold food bars. One important item is a carving station, which will allow you to serve dinner selections that are set apart from lunch selections.

Breakfast: Perhaps you see greeting people first thing in the morning as the way to go. If that's so, KaTom can definitely help you consider your breakfast restaurant supply options. We offer essentials like coffee and tea makers, toasters, meat choppers and grinders for omelet fixings and dispensers for waffle and pancake batter. Our pastry display cases also give you a place to show off your selection of mouth-watering muffins and Danishes.

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